Fast-coding concept


As a student in physics, I sometimes have to implement codes using numerical methods. The main part is done in C and Matlab. But programming is also for me a hobby, a way to learn new things; I imagine it comes from my need to know how things work.

I’m learning Python, that is quite different from the other programming languages I used before. I’d really like to master it enough to do what I want. One of the specifities of Python is the possibility to write short codes easily and to import them as modules. In order to improve my  ability to code fast, I try to write small programs. It can be anything that come into my mind, from funny things to numerical resolutions. That’s what I call fast-coding”. The goal in this practice is to:

1) Train to write a simple program from any idea (“Simple is better than complex” cf Zen of Python)

2) Develop imagination in programming

Of course this can be done in any language. The motivation must remain the same : learning to code fast by having fun.


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  1. 1 brennydoogles

    I recommend Project Euler as a good starting place to learn to program through small bits of code at a time. I have been picking up Python over the past few months, and Project Euler has been immensely helpful. If you want to check it out, I have several posts about Python at my blog . Enjoy Python!

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