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Yesterday I installed Google Chrome on my Mac to give it a try. I had heard a lot of things on this new web browser so I wanted to have my own opinion. Well, the first impression is that it’s really fast, fluid and simple. I’m used to using Safari and Camino and I must […]



My second vim colorscheme, whitebox, is an attempt to provide a light scheme with vivid colours. Indeed I’ve been looking for one and all I could find was schemes with dull and sad colours. So I made my own, a bit inspired by whytheluckystiff‘s style.

I tested Wordle, a website where you can do art, handling words and colours. I chose an Arthur C. Clarke’s quote as an illustration.



I finally succeeded in configuring Alpine, a UNIX email client. I had already tried with Mutt, another must-have, but it tourned out to be a real nightmare. In fact, the most difficult part was the configuration of msmtp as an smtp client. Here is a .msmtprc file that helped me.

  As a Vim user, I often test colorschemes. One of  my favourite schemes is zenburn, created by Jami Nurminen. I needed one with a high contrast and with almost the same colors, so I’ve decided to make my own. Here it is: As a Vim user, I often test colorschemes. One of  my favourite […]

First post


Hi, I’m Damien. I’m just beginning a new blog on WordPress. I’ll probably put some thoughts, snippets, notes on it.